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Conference presentations

2024 "Effects of L1 and social attitudes toward gender-fair English." Paper presented at the 10th Sociolinguistic Circle, Groningen. 

2022 "Language and trauma: Constructing narratives of narcissistic abuse." Paper presented at The Role of Narrativity in the Study of Violence workshop, Frankfurt.

2022 (with Susan Reichelt) “I see you, gender-neutral language, and I appreciate it!” Negotiating trans*inclusive language on YouTube." Paper presented at the 24th Sociolinguistics Symposium, Ghent.

2021 (with Adrian Stenton) “What guides copy‐editors’ decisions? From grammatical to sociolinguistic determinants.” Paper presented at the Sixth Prescriptivism Conference, Vigo.

2021 (with Theresa Heyd) “The making of linguistic authority in the postdigital age.” Paper presented at the Sixth Prescriptivism Conference, Vigo.

2021 “The rules to breaking the rules: Variation in editorial prescriptive standards.”
Paper presented at the Sixth International Conference of the International Society for the Linguistic of English (ISLE), Joensuu.

2018 “Holding the line: The role of mass media in the interplay between prescriptivism and language change.”
Paper presented at the Second International Conference on Sociolinguistics, Budapest.
2017 “A corpus-based approach to investigating twenty-first-century prescriptivism.” Paper presented at the Corpus Linguistics Conference, Birmingham.
2016 “Grassroots Prescriptivism: An analysis of individual speakers’ efforts in maintaining the standard language ideology.” Paper presented at the Life after HUGE symposium, Leiden.
2015 “Charting out the discourse of linguistic prescriptivism in the Complaint Tradition Corpus.” Paper presented at the From Data to Evidence conference, Helsinki.
2015 “Prescriptive Efforts in the English Language: From Individual Authorities to Crowdsourcing.”
Paper presented at Spanning Regions and Disciplines, English and American Studies, Graz.
2014 “Discussing English Usage on Wikipedia.” Paper presented at the Cambridge English Usage (Guides) Symposium, Cambridge.
2014 “Shakespeare Wrote ‘Between You and I’: Changing Perspectives on Authority and Language.”
Paper presented at the Norm(s) and Margin(s) in English(es) conference, Aix- Marseille Université.
2013 (with Robert Gutounig) “Recontextualizing and Reconceptualising Expert Discourse on Wikipedia: Authority Deconstruction in Collaborative Knowledge Processes.” Paper presented at the Discourse in and through the Media conference, Modena.
2013 (with Carmen Ebner) “E-BBC: Investigating auntie’s online language usage.” Paper presented at the First PARLAY conference, York.
2013 “Linguistic Prescriptivism in Letters to the Editor.” Paper presented at the Prescriptivism conference, Leiden.
2012 (with Višnja Pavičić Takač) “A Corpus-Based Approach to Exploring EFL Learners’ Collocational
Competence.” Paper presented at the 35YESO conference, Osijek.
2012 “Corpus-based critical discourse analysis of the British and the US press reports on the German recognition of Croatia and Slovenia.” Paper presented at the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society conference, Zagreb.
2012 “Down to the Bone - A Critical Discourse Analysis of Pro-Anorexia Blogs.” Paper presented at the Croatian Applied Linguistics Society conference, Osijek.
2011 “Written Use of the Present Perfect by Croatian Secondary School Students.” Paper presented at Sprachendidaktik: Der wissenschaftliche Nachwuchs im Dialog [2] – 4. Tagung der ÖGSD, Graz.


2016 "Open access to the corpus linguist’s toolbox: Visualization of collocation
networks and register variation.” Leiden University.
2015 (with Ingrid Tieken-Boon van Ostade, Carmen Ebner, Viktoria Kostadinova, and Robin Straaijer)
“How Useful are Usage Guides?” Workshop commissioned by TeamWork – company organizing courses and conferences for translators, interpreters, and language editors, Utrecht.

2014 “Wmatrix: A Corpus Linguistics Analysis and Comparison Tool.” Workshop at the Symposium on Digital Scholarship, Leiden University Library.

Invited Talks

2022 (with Adrian Stenton) "Copy-editorial decision-making strategies." Invited talk for the Society of English-language professionals in the Netherlands, online.

2021 “Language Ideologies and Online Communities.” Invited talk at the Istanbul Ayudin University

2018    “The rules to breaking the rules: Variation in editorial prescriptive standards.” Guest lecture at the English Department, Bayreuth.
2018 “The rules of grammar.” Guest lecture at the English Department, Osijek.
2018 “Prescriptivists and linguists in the English-speaking world.” Guest lecture at the Linguistics Department, Zadar.
2017 “Language guardians: The role of mass media in linguistic prescriptivism.” Leiden Sociolinguistics Series.
2015 “The Discourse on English Usage in the Media.” Guest lecture at the English Department, Graz.
2015 “Research, Blogging and Social Media.” Q&A with the students at Pre-University College, Leiden.
2014 “Researching Language Attitudes in the Media.” (Post)Doctoral Research Colloquium (Englisches Seminar), Freiburg.
2013 Book presentation: Germany’s Recognition of Croatia and Slovenia. Alumni Club of the Faculty of Philosophy, Osijek.
2013 “How Word Choice Matters: An Analysis of adjective + noun Collocations in a Corpus of Learner Essays.”
Second Language Learning and Teaching Research Group (SLLAT), Lancaster.
2013 “Attitudes to English Usage: The Split Infinitive Case Study.” Language Ideology and Power Research (LIP) Group, Lancaster.

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