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Groningen 2023–

Seminar and lecture: Researching Gender and Diversity (UG, lecturer)
Seminar and lecture: Language and Society 1: English (UG, lecturer)

Rostock 2022–2023

Seminar: Language of Narratives (UG, convenor)
Seminar: Language and Gender (MA, convenor)
Lecture: English Linguistics: An Introduction (UG, lecturer)
Seminar: Fundamentals of English Grammar (UG, lecturer)
Seminar: Sociolinguistics in the Digital Age (UG, convenor)

Greifswald  2020–2022                             

Tutorial: Introducing English Linguistics (UG, lecturer)

Seminar: Language of Social Media (UG, convenor)

Seminar: Social Meanings of Language (UG, convenor)

Seminar: Language of Popular Culture (UG, convenor)

Leiden 2017–2020                    

Lecture: Sociolinguistics (UG, convenor)

Lecture and seminar: Language and Communication (UG, co-convenor)

Lecture: Corpus Linguistics (UG, convenor)

Seminar: Language of Social Media (MA, convenor)

Seminar: Language in Use and Corpus Linguistics (MA, convenor)

Seminar: Language Diversity (UG, instructor)

Seminar: Thesis Seminar in International Studies (UG, thesis supervisor)

Lecture: Languages and Cultures of Europe (UG, co-convenor)                            

Seminar: Research Methods in Sociolinguistics (UG, co-convenor)

Seminar: New Media and Society (UG, convenor)

Seminar: Corpus Building (as part of the Leiden Summer School in Languages and

Linguistics) (UG, MA, PhD, convenor)

Zadar 2011–2012                    

Seminar: Corpus Linguistics (MA, convenor)

Lecture: Morphology (MA, convenor)

Lecture: Lexicology and Lexicography (MA, co-convenor)

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